Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST)

For those who struggle with pornography use, only a comprehensive evaluation by a trained mental health professional can accurately diagnose an addiction.

However, if you are concerned about your online sexual behavior, take this test to see if you are at risk for Internet Pornography Addiction.

Please answer the following 25 questions by checking off the ones that apply to you.  The total number will be added up automatically for you at the end the questionnaire.

  1. I have some sexual sites bookmarked.
  2. I spend more than five hours per week using my computer/tablet/cell phone for sexual pursuits.
  3. I have joined sexual sites to gain access to online sexual material.
  4. I have purchased sexual products online.
  5. I have searched for sexual material through an Internet search tool.
  6. I have spent more money for online sexual material than I planned.
  7. Internet sex has sometimes interferes with certain aspects of my life.
  8. I have participated in sexually related chats.
  9. I have a sexualized username or nickname that I use on the Internet.
  10. I have masturbated while on the Internet.
  11. I have access to sexual sites from computers/tablets/cell phones in locations other than my home.
  12. No one knows I use my computer/tablet/cell phone for sexual purposes.
  13. I have tried to hide what is on my computer/tablet/cell phone so others cannot see it.
  14. I have stayed up after midnight to access sexual material online.
  15. I use the Internet/social media to experiment with different aspects of sexuality, such as bondage, homosexuality, or anal sex.
  16. I have my own website/social media account that contains some sexual material.
  17. I have made promises to myself to stop using the Internet/social media for sexual purposes.
  18. I sometimes use cybersex as a reward for accomplishing something such as finishing a project or enduring a stressful day.
  19. When I am unable to access sexual information online, I feel anxious, angry, or disappointed.
  20. I have increased the risks I take online, such as giving out my name and phone number or meeting people offline.
  21. I have punished myself when I use the Internet/social media for sexual purposes, such as arranging a time-out from my computer or canceling Internet/social media accounts.
  22. I have met face-to-face with someone I met online for romantic purposes.
  23. I use sexual humor and innuendo with others while online.
  24. I have run across illegal sexual material while on the Internet/social media.
  25. I believe I am an Internet sex addict.

Scoring the ISST

Total the number of items that you indicated were true for you.  Use the chart below to determine if Internet sex may be problematic for you.

1 to 8 items marked True = Low Risk:  You may or may not have a problem with your sexual behavior on the internet.  You are in the low-risk group, but if the internet is causing problems in your life, seek a professional can conduct further assessment.

9 to 18 items marked True = Moderate Risk:  You are at risk for sexual behavior to interfere with significant areas of your life.  If you are concerned about your sexual behavior online, and you have noticed consequences as a result of your online behavior, you should seek a professional who can further assess and help you with your concerns.

20 or more items marked True = High Risk:  You are at the highest risk for your behavior to interfere with and jeopardize important areas of your life (social, occupational, and educational, for example).  You should discuss your online sexual behaviors with a professional who can further assess and assist you.

If you scored a 9 or above, I encourage you to contact a trained mental health professional to evaluate whether you are addicted to pornography.  If you are, he/she can help you develop an effective recovery program to help you overcome the addiction.

If you are concerned about your Internet pornography use, and are ready to get help in overcoming it, click here for more information.