Dr. Pecoraro’s clinical practice focuses on psychotherapy and psychological and psychoeducational assessment.

She specializes in assisting people who have suffered psychological trauma or who have addictive behaviors; she also works with people who have other difficulties. Her unique approach to psychotherapy focuses on helping patients to put their life experiences into words, gain insight into their thoughts, emotions, and relationships, improve their body-mind integration, and flourish despite obstacles. She offers empathy and bears witness to the difficult things that people have faced in life.

Dr. Pecoraro helps patients to understand how their past experiences have impacted their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, body, relationships, and present reality. She also assists patients in examining and changing unhealthy thinking and relationship patterns and expressing and regulating emotions. She believes that people’s healthy faith and personal spirituality can be an important part of strength and maintaining well-being.

As a musician, visual artist, and athlete (figure skater), she also helps interested patients to integrate the arts, creativity, and physical activities into their daily routines to assist emotional well-being.